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Falling Cubes (Tetris) is a puzzle game similar to Tetris that was released in 1984. Tetris was very popular in arcades across the world back in the 80's, later on home computers, and handheld gaming devices like the Gameboy.

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How to Play How to Play

Make full horizontal lines using the shapes that fall down. The more lines you can create in one turn, the higher you will score. You will move up a level every time you create 10 lines.

Each time you go up a level, the shapes will fall quicker and quicker, thus giving you less and less time to create your moves. The games over when there is no more room for shapes to fall from the top-middle of the screen.

Game Controls Game Controls


Use arrow keys. Left and right to move shapes side to side. Down to move shapes downward faster. Up to rotate shapes.

Touchscreen Devices

Tap the on-screen controls. You will see 4 buttons. 2 for moving left and right. 1 for rotation. 1 for down.

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